Wholesale Mineral Water: Pallets of Bottled Water

Keep your customers hydrated with pure, clean, 100% Australian water when you order wholesale mineral water from Beloka Water. We offer free delivery all over Australia, whenever you order six cases or more.

Why your customers will love Beloka Water

It’s strange that many restaurants and hotels sell water from Europe, when, right here in Australia, we have some of the best water on the planet. Beloka is a 100% Australian company in every way. Our water flows straight off the Snowy Mountains, New South Wales, and is bottled at the source – into Australian-made glass bottles, with Australian-made caps and Australian-made labels.

Every pallet of bottled water that arrives on your doorstep is local, natural and nutrient-rich. You won’t find any nasty chemicals in Beloka Water. It’s so clean, there’s simply no need for treating or processing. What’s more, when compared with many other bottled water companies, we use far fewer transport miles. The Snowy Mountains are much closer to home than the Italian alps!

Glass bottles win hands down over plastic, when public health and environmental costs are counted. While plastic contributes to landfill for hundreds of years, glass biodegrades much more quickly. Of course, Beloka’s glass bottles are recyclable, too. With customers becoming more and more eco-conscious, it’s important for hospitality businesses to take their ethics into consideration.

Save on delivery costs

One major benefit of Beloka Water being 100% home-grown is that we can offer serious savings on delivery of pallets. Water is heavy, which means carting it around can cost a small fortune. But, we’re more than happy to absorb the expense for you, every time your wholesale mineral water order totals six cases or more. Buying in bulk also means there’s no chance of running out when thirsty customers come knocking at your door.

Beloka Water Warehouse

Restaurants and hotels

Beloka Water is sold in numerous leading restaurants and hotels in Australia. With local produce being a priority for so many hospitality operators these days, Beloka is a perfect choice. It’s completely Australian, from the moment it runs off the Snowies to the moment a customer pours it into his/her glass. So, if you’re passionate about showing off this country’s incredible natural assets and partnering with local producers, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


We’re on a mission to get the word out about our pristine, 100% Australian water to as many shops, restaurants and hotels as possible. We believe in the integrity, ethics and importance of our water, and in the need for more home-grown products on the Australian market. To that end, we’re always on the lookout for great distributors. If you’re thinking of stocking Beloka Water, drop us a line. Don’t forget that you won’t pay a cent for delivery when you order six cases or more.

Private labelling

We’re proud to say that one of Australia’s most famous restaurateurs and television personalities, Luke Mangan, has partnered with us to sell our bottled water under his own private label. We also work with the renowned Candelori’s Restaurant and St Drogo’s Cafe. If you’re interested in selling our water, but with your name on it, we’d love to have a chat. Rest assured that the free delivery offer for six cases or more would still apply. We’re confident that adding our pure, health-giving water to your menu will only widen your client base and ensure that your brand is associated with quality and ethical consumption.

Contact us

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Australia wide when you order 6 cartons or more!