A Few Cool Bubbly Recipes for Kids


cocktailA little fizz here and a lot of color there—good looking drinks have become such a fad with kids. But serving soda, canned juice and their likes is only harmful. Below are a bunch of delicious recipes that are easy, fun and very bubbly:

Sparkling water drink

The drink looks great and tastes even better. Besides, it is a lot healthier than sodas. You can either prepare the drink by mixing 100% fruit juice with sparkling water, or follow this very easy recipe: squash a few pineapple slices and pour two cups of orange juice. Throw in a twig of rosemary and allow the medley to release flavors. Pour a pitcher full of sparkling water and cherish the bright hues bubbling-up.

Serving tip: Sieve the drink and pour into tall glasses filled with ice. Decorate the rim with an orange slice and a rosemary twig.

Berry blast

The drink is enriched with the goodness of dairy products, making it a healthy option for your kid. To make the very interesting berry blast, ask your kid to mix it up! You will need: 1 cup milk, 8 oz. berry flavored yogurt, a few drops vanilla essence and a cup of strawberry juice. Pour all these ingredients in a jar, tighten the lid and ask your kid to shake it up.

Serving tip: Pop a few fresh colorful medleys of berries into an ice tray, add a little water and allow it to chill. Pour the drink over these very pretty looking ice cubes.

Warmed Apple Cider

Perfect for a warm summer afternoon, the drink requires you to steep 8 cups apple cider, 4-5 drops of orange oil, one cinnamon stick and a few cloves into a kettle filled with boiling water. Let simmer for about 30 minutes and strain the concoction into serving mugs.

Serving tip: Place an orange slice in the mug and pour the warmed apple cider over it. The orange slice will gradually lift up, making the experience of sipping into warmed apple cider—a delight.

Avocado smoothie

Avocados are rich in healthy fats and an essential for your kids. Tell your kids that smoothies are versatile. Besides being healthy, they are purdy looking drinks. To make the avocado smoothie, blend the following ingredients: a peeled avocado, 1 cup of milk, a few cubes of ice, 2 tbsp. honey and a hint of vanilla essence.

Serving tip: Pour the luscious drink into tall mugs. Sprinkle some chocolate dust through a flower cut stencil.

Have a blast!