Slim Tip: Drink Water to Curb Sugar Cravings


woman drkinking water from bottleSweet tooth—we all have it, don’t we? In fact, we usually hear ourselves saying, “Just a little won’t harm.” While that is true, consuming a bit extra (which is the case) is not great for us. The question here arises: how to stop sugar cravings? The answer: drink water!

Before we reveal our slim tips, let’s talk about the factors that cause sugar cravings:

  • Low endorphin levels. Consuming sugar alleviates the same and lifts mood.
  • Low blood sugar level. This usually happens when we have stressed ourselves way too much. Sugar, being a simple carbohydrate instantly boosts sugar level.
  • Fungal infection. Infections in the digestive tract causes sugar cravings.
  • How to curb sugar cravings
  • Drink water
  • Whenever you have a sugar craving, get yourself a tall glass of water. If that does not subside the hunger craving, indulge in a healthy snack.

Indulge– just a little

Of course, cravings don’t stop; they can only be controlled. It is therefore advisable to indulge in just a little sugary treat whenever an urge arises. A small slice of cake or one square of a chocolate won’t harm. This should be enough to satiate your craving.

Give up!

I don’t deny the fact that is difficult, but unless you don’t try, you won’t know. Try this little exercise and see it if works: stack-away all sweets, be strong, have patience and ride high on your will power. The first few days would be hard, but a little pep talk by a friend can keep you motivated.

Say no to artificial sweeteners

These are considered to be sugar substitutes, minus the weight gain and calorie intake. But it is important to know that artificial sweeteners boost sugar cravings. Since these taste sweet, our body starts expecting more sugar flow. It only makes sense to avoid them.

Control blood sugar levels

Eating foods like pasta, oatmeal and whole grain bread keeps the blood sugar level in control for longer durations. Besides, you can include rice, grains and potatoes to the list too.

Healthy sweets

The next time that you crave for sugar, indulge in healthy snacks like fruit, juice, dried fruit, smoothie or a low-fat yogurt. Besides, munch onto whole grain toast and crackers to increase blood sugar level.

Distract yourself

It’s usually noted that cravings arise when we are idle. So, the next time your sweet tooth demands a sugary treat, go for a walk, even if that’s just for five minutes.

Bu following just these simple suggestions, you would be able to treat yourself to something better—a good health!