A Sparkling Twist To Healthy Juices


cocktailsFizzy, fresh and very easy—we have a few awesomely twisted recipes to share today. Besides being juicy, these delish pop of healthy concoctions are a refreshing break from the usual stuff.

Here is how you stir most of them:

Green grape sparkler

This bubbly juice is a squeeze of fresh green grapes, laced with the goodness of lemon and lime. To make this is pretty simple and all you will need is: two cups grape juice, one cup sparkling water, a few slices lime and lemon, and about a handful of green grapes.

In a pitcher, squash the grapes, lemon and lime. Topple it up with both the liquids and chill. Rim the glasses with brown sugar and enjoy!

Apple and Grape twister

A cheerful blast of color, this drink is a stealer! The sweet taste of grapes is balanced with tangy green apple juice and apricot nectar. The punch is enhanced with delicious strawberries and sliced oranges! Exotic, I say!

Here is what you would need:

A cup of sparkling water

A cup of green apple juice

Handful of green grapes and strawberries

A cup of apricot nectar

Few thinly sliced oranges

Chill the apple juice and apricot nectar. Muddle fresh strawberries and orange slices. Pour in the juices over these very delish squash of fresh fruits and topple it all up with sparkling water. Serve chilled.

Watermelon and lime crush

The drink gets its kick from the tangy flavors of lime juice, lending a crisp twist to the awesome concoction of flavors. You would need to blend and strain freshly cut watermelon and chill the juice in an ice tray.

Trickle down half a cup of lime juice over the watermelon ice and stir in some sparkling water. Serve with a lime roundel placed on the rim.

Pomegranate and Blueberry splash

Crisp and very refreshing, the drink is a delicacy on a hot summer afternoon! To cherish the same, crush some blueberries in a tall pitcher and topple it up with bubbly water and pomegranate juice. Serve chilled with a handful of pomegranates floating around.

I say: give these drinks a try for your next family get together and I can guarantee a happy crowd!