Beloka Water Proudly Supports 2019 MasterChef Winner

The phenomenon that is MasterChef shows no signs of slowing down after 11 years, and we have a lot to be thankful for in that. MasterChef has revolutionised the way Australians view food. From raising the bar on the freshness and variety of ingredients we expect at our local supermarkets, to supporting the exploration of unique flavours and food pairings that have allowed new and creative world-class restaurants to thrive around the country.

Not to mention the experimentation that goes on in homes around Australia thanks to the inspirational stories and dishes from the 24 lucky and talented home cooks who make it to the MasterChef kitchen each year. The youngest-ever winner, Larissa Takchi, hasn’t stopped working on her food dream since winning the MasterChef competition. She also hasn’t stopped working in her family’s restaurant Wild Pear either, where she has worked from a young age. Wild Pear also hosted a popup dinner event over two nights in November, showcasing some of Larissa’s most popular dishes from the show, and Beloka Water was proud to attend as a sponsor.

larissa tackhi and joe commisso masterchef pop up event
Beloka Water CEO Joe Commisso and Larissa Takchi MasterChef 2019 Winner

Larissa Takchi pops up at Wild Pear

Lucky guests and proud sponsors attended Larissa’s popup dinners at Wild Pear, to enjoy the beautiful sunset in tranquil Dural, just an hour north of Sydney, perfectly complemented by the bright and fresh regional produce on the menu. Greeted by cocktails on arrival, guests then sat down to a five-course meal, starting with tender and flavoursome Kingfish served with sorrel, apple and olive oil. Rich, roasted bone marrow was then served with a classic onion soubise with mushrooms, before guests moved on to lobster tail and blue eye cod bisque with fennel.

larissa masterchef pop up dinner

Of course, the guests were all waiting with bated breath to try Larissa’s winning dessert from the MasterChef finale, which scored her a perfect 30/30 score from the judges. The Sichuan pepper pavlova served with blackberry sorbet and lemon crème did not disappoint, with a pleasant tingling sensation from the peppercorns perfectly offset by the depth of the blackberries and refreshed by the lemon.

larissa masterchef pop up dinner

Proud to be a sponsor of the event, Beloka Water CEO Joe Commisso attended Wild Pear with his family. As a family business, the Commissos know the hard work, dedication and support required to succeed, and look forward to seeing Larissa continue her drive towards her dreams.

Beloka Water, a clear MasterChef partner

Beloka Water is no stranger to the winner’s circle and understands that while something may seem simple – whether that’s pavlova or good old-fashioned water – there can be a big difference in the final result when quality and care are taken. Every natural water spring around the world will deliver a different taste and a different composition of minerals. This is determined by the geology of the rocks surrounding the spring, surrounding vegetation and the climate.

The terroir of water is as unique as that of food, wine and other produce. And just as high-quality ingredients need minimal intervention and just a few tweaks and a good pairing to present an amazing final product or dish, fine water is the same.

Joe Commisso immigrated to Australia in 1953 with his family from Calabria. Like many new Italians in Australia at the time, Joe’s father was a stonemason. Joe himself was getting ready to plant olive groves on his family property at the foot of the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales when he came across a large underground water aquifer. The region was called Beloka and when the water was found to qualify for Mineral Water status, the family decided to bottle their new product at the source. Great care was taken on testing and extraction. Beloka Water has always been bottled in glass bottles to preserve its quality and taste, and this dedication is recognised by restaurants and cafes around Australia and around the world.

To maintain this high level of quality and champion Australian mineral water to the world, Beloka Water is a member of the FineWaters Society. In 2019, Beloka Water was proud to enter the FineWaters International Water Tasting competition in Stockholm, where the water and the bottle design are judged against approved natural and unprocessed brands. Beloka Water won two Golds in the 2019 Water Taste Awards, for Still Medium Minerality and Added Carbonation Medium Minerality.

Beloka Water goes into the bottle completely untouched, to preserve the fresh, natural pure taste. The sparkling waters only have carbon dioxide added to create bubbles without disrupting any of the flavours. This makes Beloka Water the perfect accompaniment to any meal, where the water’s freshness and natural flavours can perfectly complement the most delicate dishes, such as those served by Larissa Takchi at Wild Pear. Beloka Water also makes an ideal mixer for spirits or a refreshing addition to a wine tasting, where the natural minerals won’t overpower the alcohols.