Beloka Water Sparkles at the Local Produce Dinner

beloka water still and sparkling on table

Beloka Water was the drink of choice at the Food Orbit Local Produce Dinner held at The Bucket List Bondi recently. The event saw the gathering of fans of locally sourced and sustainably grown foods along with celebrities like restaurateur Jared Ingersoll and Sarah Wilson, the author of “I Quit Sugar”.

The four-course meal prepared by Bucket List’s head chef Tom Walton featured delectable dishes made from farm fresh ingredients. Yours truly, Beloka sparkling mineral water became a great accompaniment to the fare that included dishes like the grass fed lamb marinated in Pepe Saya buttermilk and golden roasted Southern Highlands’ gourmet potatoes.

The Local Produce Dinner got about 60 guests feasting the sumptuous fare, and throughout the evening, Beloka Water remained a steady and dependable drink across all the courses, right up until the dessert. The meal ended with a delicious Heirloom apple and hazelnut crumble, served with a ‘melt in your mouth’ lavender and crème fraiche ice cream.

The evening was a treat to wine lovers too, with interesting locally made wines. But for those who wanted to stick with something light or for cleansing their palates after every course, Beloka Water’s sparkling mineral water flowed freely and kept the guests at the event completely satisfied.

We extend a great thank you to everyone involved in making the event such a huge success, especially to all those guests who could make it to the Dinner. We hope to see you again soon at the next event, and will bring you more ways to enjoy your fizzy sparkling Beloka Water drinks! Find out the details for the next event here:!

A special thank you to James Nathan for the amazing pictures!:)