Water and 10 tips for Getting Your 8 glasses Daily


woman drinking water from glassEight glasses of water is indeed a lot of liquid! Over here, we are talking about cups, and cups… and cups! Even though we all know the benefits of getting those eight glasses right—glowing skin, fat burning, fewer cravings, increased energy, better digestion—it doesn’t make drinking so much of water any less than a struggle.

Below are a few secrets that would transform you into an H2O guzzling machine! However, remember that eight is only a number. You will be requiring more if you sweat-out during workouts, and less if your diet includes water-rich fruits and vegetables.

1) Comfort water

While you wait for your coffee or tea, sip into water infused with lemon or try herbal tea. Take another cup of warm water after your mug of coffee. Invest in a new herbal tea each time you go grocery shopping.

2) Bond with you bottle

Buy yourself a water bottle that wins your fancy. It can be your favorite color or a design you absolutely love! You can even slap it with a motivating sticker or scribble something with a marker. Just bond with it, and remember to refill it once empty.

3) Sip up

Never gulp water! Get yourself a pack of straws to sip it slowly. Alternatively, you can buy a bottle with built-in straw

4) Become a connoisseur

This should be interesting! Think of water as sipping wine! Become a water-connoisseur. Taste various brands of bottled water. Or try flavored water. Spin your own recipes to infuse it. You will feel so much awesome.

5) Drink drive

Water is one drink that won’t get your license punched even while you sip it while driving. Stash some drinking bottles in your car and keep sipping each time you get a chance.

6) Drink your Vitamins

If you do take vitamin supplements, dissolve them in water and drink ‘em up! Powdered options are better.

7) Fill up your dinner glass

Lay your dinner table the exact way a restaurant does. Besides your plate, keep a tall glass of fresh water. In between your bites, take a sip or two. This ways, you will enjoy your meal even more.

8) Pace yourself

Drink water at social gatherings. It will only pace you up and keep you energized. Remember to take a cup of water for every glass of alcohol.

9) Combine habits

If you have a habit to take long baths, fill up a bottle of water while you fill the tub. Sip water while bathing. Love working out? Keep the bottle besides you. Reading? Bring a cup of tea along. With your daily routine, develop water habits.

10) Reward yourself

Every time you work hard, reward yourself with water! Example: after a long work out session, treat yourself with some lemonade.

Let’s make a toast with our glasses of water, “To good health.” Cheers!