Beloka Water enters 2020 FineWaters Taste Awards in Slovenia

Beloka Water is entering the 2020 Premium Bottled Water Tasting competition, hosted by FineWaters and held this year in Slovenia in June. Whilst many may believe water to taste essentially the same wherever it’s bottled and sourced from, there is a huge variety to be found across the world. This flavour difference can be defined and created by the chemical makeup of the soil, the specific rocks and minerals that the water might flow through, and even the composition of the air that the water is in contact with. To match the changing nature of flavour as water is sourced from around the world, the awards never stay in the same place and travel the world for water of all flavours.

Picture by Aleš Mezek

High-end judging panel

The competition this year will be judged by a panel of 5 expert water sommeliers, with a significant amount of professional experience. Although the judges are as yet unknown, previous years have seen names such as Jeanette Fili, an expert in pairing water with wine, and Michael Mascha, who is an expert in the field of mineral waters. The judges are expected to judge based on both the water itself, its taste and terroir, and the packaging that the water comes in. The brand is a major part in the presentation of any product, and this is especially potent in the case of such a uniform (aesthetically at the very least) product like bottled water.

Past events

This isn’t Beloka’s first time at the FineWaters Taste Awards. Beloka attended last year’s event in Scandinavia, Sweden, and put in an impressive showing. Last time out, Beloka claimed 2 gold medals, one in both the “Still” and “Added carbonation” categories. These results set out an incredibly impressive stall, which both demonstrated the quality of Beloka Water and laid down the gauntlet for other contenders to try and take the crown.

Previously, Beloka Water has seen significant victories and recognition in other years, winning awards in Guangzhou, China in 2017’s event. In China, bottled water is seen as even more important than in other locations across the world, as the greater levels of pollution make tap water unfeasible. Whilst the awards always attract the best in the world and industry leaders who might want to get their products recognised as the best around, Beloka Water is constantly competing with the best and often coming out on top. To do so in such a bottle-oriented city was demonstrative of the levels of quality and care provided by Beloka Water.

An important anniversary for Beloka

The event in Slovenia takes place over two days, from the 11th to the 12th of June. This is a major date for Beloka Water, as 10 years prior to this Beloka Water bottled their first-ever sample. Following this, the company went on a long journey, eventually culminating in multiple awards and their tenth anniversary potentially bringing yet another major victory. In the past decade, a lot of progress has been made, and this journey is likely to continue year on year. Hopefully, the first step towards a bright future is at the awards ceremony on the 12th of June in Slovenia, where Beloka Water will be hoping to continue their good run of form at international bottled water events.

Good water can make or break a meal

As in previous years, the FineWaters Taste Awards features an awards dinner. Of course, one of the centrepieces of the meal is not the food, as excellent as it may be, but the water. Whatever you might like to eat, the available water sommeliers can provide the perfect option to match your meal, allowing both flavours to flourish in tandem with one another. FineWaters have created a custom menu experience, and with over 50 waters to choose from around the globe, there are plenty of options to choose from to complement your meal. With both cuisines and waters from around the world, the awards dinner at the FineWaters Taste Awards gives you a truly international culinary experience that is not to be missed.

Beloka leads the way

Beloka Water is 100% Australian and is proud to say so. The award-winning water has a pleasant, fresh mineral content and is exceptionally pure, with only carbon dioxide added to the sparkling range on offer. Bottled near Kosciuszko National Park, Beloka Water is an excellent option for a wide variety of scenarios. Whether you need suitable water to go with a good meal, need a mixer for a fresh alcoholic beverage on a night out, or you simply fancy a bit of hydration, make sure you’re stocked up on Beloka Water for some of the best the world has to offer. Experience what the FineWater judges will in June, and see just what makes Beloka Water award-winning.