Featured Recipe: Mandarinade by Zakari Kha

beloka water bottle and glass

As the old adage goes, if life throws you lemons, make lemonade! This is probably what pop star Beyonce Knowles had in mind when she sang her track Lemonade.

But while her fans found the song zesty and tangy, Instagram user Zakari Kha thinks his drink recipe is fresher than Queen B’s latest hit.

“Beyonce’s boring celeb goss #Lemonade ain’t holding a torch to this. For something a bit more fresh try this Mandarinade with a hint of mint,” he quipped.

What caught our attention here at Beloka is that he used our very own sparkling water to make his beverage creation “all the more special”.

If you’re curious about this recipe, here’s how he makes it. You’ll need fresh mandarin oranges, two teaspoons of coconut sugar, mint leaves, lots of ice, and of course, Beloka Sparkling Water! His step by step process is as follows:

“First, smash some fresh mandarins in a glass like a scary bug unlucky enough to cross your path.

Next, add 2 teaspoons of coconut sugar.

Then fill with ice otherwise the liquid will evaporate before you get to it in the Australian summer… hot!

Add some mint leaves for that fresh mouth feel.

Pour on the sparkling water.

Now stir and enjoy!”

Now this is a recipe we’ll be trying out soon! Thanks Zakari Kha for sharing your refreshing recipe.