Four Sparkling Water Cocktail Recipes For A Special Date At Home


apricotPlanning romantic evening at home? Great idea! There’s no place like home to spend some quality time together just talking or doing everything but talking:)!

If you’ve got the candles and food, all you need are fizzy, fun drinks to set the mood! We’ve put together some great recipes with Beloka Sparkling Water!

Sparkling brandy cocktail

In the mood for something sensuously exotic? Then go for a cocktail that brings together 60 ml each of sparkling water and apricot brandy with a dash of Orange Curaçao. You may also add just a little bit of Angostura Bitters if you like its taste.

Apricot brandy has been hailed for it libido enhancing powers. You can create your own midsummer night’s dream with this gorgeous drink!

Sparkling wine sangria

The sparkling wine sangria is a tried and tested recipe but you can put your own spin on the same. Combine 1 cup each of peach brandy and sugar with 2 cups of Beloka Sparkling Water and one and a half litres of sparkling wine.

Mix all of them extremely carefully and when you serve it in a glass add some silky juicy fruits to make your shimmering ruby concoction even sexier!

Sparkling champagne

You cannot go wrong with champagne but you can make it sensational with a few classic aphrodisiacs!

Pour half a cup of pomegranate juice and half a cup of Beloka Sparkling Water in a bottle of your favourite champagne. The result is a beautiful light burgundy coloured concoction. Again to put a special touch to this you can garnish each glass with 3 to 4 pomegranate seeds.

Sparkling lemon cocktail

Blend together 180 ml of Beloka Sparkling Water, 60 ml of vodka and 30 ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice and get set to experience a drink that’s tantalizing fresh and will put you in the mood for something quirky and fun!