Four Sparkling Water Recipes For A Fun Party!

partyAllergic to mush? Prefer to spend Valentines Day partying with people you love? Or in the moody for a flirty party? We’ve got the perfect list of sparkly, fizzy drinks that will create just the mood you want!

Heady Bourbon Gin fizz

Probably one recipe that will stand the test of time for something called Bourbon gin fizz. This calls for sparkling water, Bourbon whiskey and sloe gin.

Ideally you should use a Collins class that has been kept in the freezer and brought down to a lovely frozen temperature.

Depending on your preference you could also use cracked ice. Put this price into the glass and pour 60 ml of whiskey and 30 ml of gin on top of it. Give it a very gentle stir and then add some Beloka Sparkling Water.

Groovy Brandy Punch

You can also create a potent punch that’ll get everyone in the mood to groove by mixing together 120 ml of brandy, 1 cup of Beloka Sparkling Water, 2 cups apple cider and add 60 ml of Cointreau.

Flirty Rum Punch

A variation to the classic punch can also be created by using Beloka Sparkling Water in combination with 90 ml of gold rum and 30 ml of fresh limejuice. You could also give it a little bit of a fun twist by adding a pinch of orange bitters and just a spot of sugar.

The sexy exotic mixture

For a really sexy exotic kind of punch, opt for a mixture of 2 cups of Beloka Sparkling Water mixed with 3 cups of champagne and half a cup each of brandy and Cointreau.