Refreshing Non-Alcoholic Drinks!


watermelonHow about planning a healthy and fun Valentines day picnic? If you are not a fan of alcohol, you’ll love these sparkly and innovative drink recipes!

Pack in a surprise in your picnic basket and sweep your partner of their feet with these cool Beloka Sparkling Water Drinks!

Citrus shake

Choose the citrus juice that you love to drink. Depending on your taste, you could make it either a completely sweet drink or a salty one or perhaps a mix of sweet and salt when it comes to lemonade.

Instead of using normal water, make your citrus shake with Beloka Sparkling Water and add an extra punch of taste with mint juice, ginger juice or even a few crushed leaves of fresh basil. Psst…basil is a known aphrodisiac!:)

Melon Punch

Add a cup of crushed watermelon to a glass of Beloka Sparkling Water. Put in a dash of freshly ground pepper and a few cumin seeds. Take a long stirrer and skewer fruit such as grapes, banana, and even pieces of melon and put it into the glass containing this concoction. Sounds fun, right?

Sparkling Yogurt

Yoghurt also has natural refreshing properties. Take one cup of yoghurt and add 2 cups of Beloka Sparkling Water to it and whisk it really well. Depending on your personal preference you can either add powdered sugar to this mixture or salt.

If you going with the salt option then you can also add powdered cumin seeds, finely chopped coriander leaves and a little bit of grated ginger.

You’ll love this yoghurt drink!