The tag team teaming up at TAG!

The Beloka Water team had a cracker of a day at the 2018 TAG (Tertiary Access Group) Trade Fair. Held on Monday, 7th May at the Melbourne Convention Centre, the event saw our CEO Joe Commisso showcasing Beloka Water in front of numerous prominent industry figures, alongside lifelong friend Sam Tropeano. In Joe’s words, it was a case of “the tag team teaming up at TAG!”

The dynamic duo dedicated their day to sharing the incredible benefits of Beloka Water with hundreds of people. They talked, laughed, built connections and made friends. Right now, we’re all feeling pretty energised and excited.

Spreading the word

TAG is an annual event that gives businesses the opportunity to display their products and services to operators working in the tertiary market. It’s a powerful chance to connect in person – rather than over the phone or via email. Joe and Sam were in the esteemed company of 300 delegates, representing universities all over Australia, from Tasmania and Victoria to Perth and the Northern Territory to New South Wales and Queensland.

All in all, these delegates provide products and services to over a million students, more than 150,000 tertiary staff members and in excess of 1.5 million community members who use campus facilities. In total, that’s close to three million people! As you can imagine, we were really hyped up about spreading the word about Beloka Water to such a huge audience. We are passionate about sharing its nutrient-rich goodness with as many people as possible.

Joe and Sam spent most of the day at their beautifully-designed stall, talking, answering questions, giving presentations and offering tastings. It was a brilliant opportunity to meet industry delegates face-to-face and explain all the amazing benefits of Beloka Water directly. Once the show was over, Joe and Sam joined a two-hour networking event, where they continued to chat – albeit in a more casual, relaxed manner. There’s simply no other event on the Australian calendar where so many representatives of the tertiary market meet in one place, with one goal: to scope out the very best products and services on offer across the nation.

Building on solid foundations

We felt that TAG was particularly promising because we already have one foot in the door of the tertiary market. We sell our award-winning water at Griffith University, Queensland. Given that there are five campuses – Gold Coast, Logan, Mount Gravatt, Nathan and South Banks – and more than 43,000 students, this has been a fantastic opportunity for us. We have to add that Queensland’s warm climate means that finding premium quality water is a must for many people.

Having been such a hit with Griffith University’s students, staff members and visitors, we feel that we have the potential to become popular at universities all over Australia. After all, our product is entirely Australian-made – from the water, which is sourced high up in the Snowy Mountains, to the glass bottles, which are made here – right down to their caps.

Moreover, many students are health-conscious these days. It’s understandable, given how busy student life is. Between study, work and socialising, it’s all too easy to burn the candle at both ends and start to feel run down. Fortunately, for students and teachers worried about their health, Beloka is a rich source of minerals, being packed with magnesium, calcium, sodium, chloride and silica.

What’s next?

Over the next few months, Joe and Sam will be following up the connections and friendships started at TAG 2018. Needless to say, we’d love to see Beloka Water on as many campuses as possible around Australia. We’re also keen to develop relationships with other product and service providers who share our values. We believe that so much can be learned from collaboration. Food and beverages were far from the only sectors represented at TAG. There were operators from nearly every arena you can think of: from childcare centres and event management companies to residences and colleges to stationery and art supplies.

We’ll certainly be looking out for TAG 2019. Joe and Sam had such a great day, they’d love to do it all over again. If you’d like to learn more about TAG 2018 or Beloka Water, get in touch today.


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