Water: how much should you drink every day?

These days, there’s always so much health advice coming from so many different directions that it can be difficult to know who to listen to! However, one piece of advice that’s always repeated by any health fanatic or doctor you speak to is to drink plenty of water. Many of us will then wonder, exactly how much water is enough to maintain a healthy body and mind? In this blog post, we aim to answer that question and help give you a few tips on how to ensure you get the right amount of H20 each day.

Is there a set formula?

The simple answer here is, no. Your personal requirements for water will depend on the climate in the area you live, the amount of physical activity you partake in, your height and weight, and your general health. Because of this, there’s no perfect recommendation for how much water you should be drinking.

However, the ballpark figure recommendations currently stand at 3.7 litres of fluid a day for men, and 2.7 litres of fluid a day for women. These recommendations come from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, so we can be sure there’s some scientific basis to them. Not all of this fluid needs to come exclusively from water, however – in fact, about 20% of the average person’s daily fluid intake will actually come from food!

The standardised advice is to drink around eight glasses of water each day (the glass referred to being of 8-oz capacity), and this is certainly a good goal to aim for. However, drinking more water than this certainly won’t hurt, and on colder days or at times when you’re not engaging in much physical activity, missing the mark slightly also won’t result in dehydration.

What are the health benefits of drinking more water?

Although many people won’t necessarily notice when they haven’t drunk enough water that day, they’ll suddenly notice the benefits when they increase the amount of water they’re consuming on a daily basis. Drinking more water has a vast range of health benefits. In terms of your outward physical appearance, those who drink more water will have clearer skin and are less likely to suffer from acne breakouts and a dry complexion. For those who play sports or work out, drinking more water will also help you to build muscle mass and burn fat.

When it comes to the internal workings of your body, water is also incredibly important. It will help you to get rid of waste and harmful toxins in your body through perspiration, urination and your bowel movements, as well as helping your body to find a good equilibrium and maintain a good temperature. Drinking more water will also protect the more sensitive tissues in your body, and lubricate and cushion joints which, again, is very important when you’re engaging in physical activity.

As you likely already know, water is also incredibly important for your brain. Drinking more water to avoid dehydration will allow for far clearer thinking, and avoid any dizziness or spells of fatigue that might otherwise be suffered in warm weather or after physical exertion.

beloka water still and sparkling mineral water bottles

How can I drink more water?

There are a few different ways to ensure you drink more water. One method might be to set reminders on your phone throughout the day, reminding you to drink a glass of water. It’s also a great idea to get into a routine, for example ensuring you drink a pint of water with breakfast in the morning, and a pint of water at night before you retire to bed.

Another great way to ensure you drink more water, is to create an added incentive by purchasing water that’s not only good for you due to additional minerals and a higher purity level, but tastes amazing too! Beloka specialise in both still and sparkling mineral water, sourced and bottled right here in Australia. Our water comes directly from the Australian Alps to your front door, and our customers are never disappointed with the benefits they feel in their body and mind from drinking our water. Find out more about Beloka Water today and start your journey to a healthier, happier you.


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