7 Natural Ways to Flavour Water

Drinking plenty of water is a crucial part of any healthy lifestyle, there are lots of ways to make sure you consume the right amount to keep your mind and body working perfectly. Beloka Water is a pure, mineral-packed water sourced entirely from Australia – it will not only help you to feel better, but it tastes great too. However, we understand that many of our customers crave a varied range of flavours to help replace unhealthy soft drinks or sugar-loaded fruit juices. To help you out, in this blog post we’re going to list seven natural, healthy ways that you can flavour your water to make it taste even better than it already does.

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are an old favourite, with lemon water being particularly fashionable at the moment. For the best fruity yet deliciously sharp infusion, leave your citrus fruit of choice (be that lemon, orange, lime or grapefruit) to sit in the water for at least four hours before drinking it. We’ve found that sparkling water from Beloka works particularly well with these flavours!

Frozen fruit

Buying your fruit frozen is a great way to ensure you’ve always got plenty of options for flavouring your water stocked up in your freezer. A particularly good choice might be a mix of forest fruits, such as raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. Using frozen fruit also has the added benefit of cooling down your water without the addition of ice cubes, which will make your water less pure.

lavender water


Using lavender is a brilliant way to flavour your water if you’re looking for something a little bit different. The best method is to use a muslin bag filled with lavender, so you don’t end up with any bits of flower floating around in your water, and then leave this to sit for a few hours to ensure all the flavour has been extracted. Add a few slices of lemon before serving. The result will be a delicious, refreshing taste that enhances the natural flavour of Beloka Water beautifully.


There are a variety of herbs which can be added to your sparkling mineral water or still mineral water to create an absolutely divine flavour. Similarly to lavender, using herbs is a great idea for those individuals who are craving a flavour that’s a little bit different compared to the fruity tastes they might already be used to. One particularly good mixture might be a few sprigs of mint and rosemary, coupled up with a hint of lemon and a few slices of cucumber. Beloka Water flavoured in this way is sure to quench your thirst!

lemon mint cucumber water

Natural teas

It’s a common misconception that teabags can only be used in hot water, when this isn’t the case at all. Teabags left in cold water will result in a drink that is just as delicious, and can be enjoyed after exercise or on a hot day without causing you to feel overheated! Green teas or lemon and ginger teas work particularly well with Beloka Water.

Sangria flavoured water

Don’t get too excited – we’re not actually adding wine to the mix here – remember the focus is on healthy, natural flavours! However, you can still enjoy the delicious, tropical taste of Sangria without adding any alcohol. We recommend grabbing a couple slices of orange, lime and lemon, as well as a few chunks of fresh peach and pineapple. Leave this all to sit for a few hours and then sit back and enjoy a delicious, fruit-infused Beloka beverage.


Last but not least, parsley is well worth a mention for those readers without a sweet tooth. The delicious parsley leaf isn’t just good for cooking, it works perfectly for adding an excellent flavour to water too. Again, we recommend leaving the leaves in the water for a few hours to allow the flavours to properly infuse.

We hope some of these flavour ideas have tickled your taste buds, and will help you on your way to drinking more water each and every day. If you’d like to learn more about the delicious water available from Beloka, fresh from the springs in the Australian alps, you can learn more about it here.


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