Is Carbonated Water Good for Digestion?

In addition to seeking out drinks which taste good, a growing number of people are also considering the health benefits of their beverage choices. Whether they’re looking for a low-calorie alternative to sweetened drinks, or want a drink that provides additional nutrition as well as hydration, the days when a drink was selected on flavour alone are long gone. We decided to investigate the evidence out there to discover whether carbonated water has any health benefits, particularly as an aid to digestion. Detailed below are our findings, providing an intriguing insight into sparkling water’s potential as a healthy choice.

Your tooth enamel is pretty safe with carbonated water!

Because carbonated water contains carbon dioxide (which is acidic in solution), a common concern is that it will leach away at tooth enamel, enhancing the risk of cavities. The studies which have been done on this show that although sparkling water is slightly acidic, this has no effect on metabolic acidity and minimal effect on dental health. In comparison, sugary fizzy drinks are found to have a marked effect on the formation of dental caries (tooth decay).

carbonated water close up image

Carbonated water may help with indigestion

Feeling gassy and bloated can be unpleasant – sparkling water can help. Research indicates that for some people, a glass of carbonated water can help to reduce the discomfort of indigestion, helping to release trapped gas. Generally caused by excess stomach acid, indigestion can result in pain, nausea, bloating, constipation and other unwanted symptoms. It’s not clear why this happens, but if you’re suffering from the nasty symptoms of indigestion, a glass of sparkling water is a harmless treatment option that may just do some good.

A low-calorie alternative to fizzy drinks

Many people love carbonated drinks but are concerned about the level of sugar they contain. Not only is excess sugar bad for teeth (particularly when imbibed in carbonated form), it can also cause unwanted weight gain. Artificially sweetened drinks can be an occasional solution, but with many people choosing to avoid artificial sweeteners, carbonated water is the perfect alternative. Not only does it make a refreshing alternative on its own, it’s also a great base for a wide range of taste options – from a squeeze of fresh citrus through to the addition of fruit juices or cordials, sparkling water is always a versatile, engaging choice.

Carbonated water may even relieve constipation!

A healthy digestive system doesn’t just need sufficient food and fibre; the right level of hydration is also vital. Carbonated water provides a great source of water, helping to move food through the digestive process. Remaining sufficiently hydrated is key to digestive health – sparkling water provides a tasty, appealing way of achieving this.

The healthier, great-tasting alternative

With a growing number of consumers becoming more health-conscious and eager to enjoy beverage alternatives which can be part of a healthy lifestyle, our water provides a stylish, acceptable drinks choice for people of all ages. Great as an alternative to alcohol, studies show that carbonated water is normally a healthier option than sweetened drinks, particularly fizzy ones. If you need a product that offers a great accompaniment to healthy living at the same time as tasting great, sparkling water is the perfect solution.

Turn to us for high-quality carbonated water

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