Is Sparkling Mineral Water the Same as Seltzer?

Water with bubbles is a favourite beverage for almost any occasion. Fizzy water is always in demand. It can be drunk straight or added to cordial or juice. It may also be used as a mixer for cocktails and spirits. Not all sparkling water is the same; not only are there many brands, but there are two distinct types of water available. One is carbonated water (also known as seltzer-water or soda water). The other is sparkling mineral water. Not only do the two have different sources, but they also have unique characteristics which determine appropriate use. Discover below how seltzer differs from a sparkling mineral alternative and when to use each for delicious results.

vintage seltzer bottles
Vintage Seltzer Bottles at the San Telmo antique street market, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Seltzer-water – somewhat flavourless

Seltzer or soda water can be made with any water. The water is processed, with carbon dioxide being added artificially to create bubbles and fizz. In the past, soda water was made at home, using a soda syphon. Seltzer-water is somewhat flavourless and need not necessarily contain any minerals – it’s simply carbonated water.

Sparkling mineral water – taste and minerals

In contrast, a mineral water has a particular source or sources, usually a naturally occurring spring or aquifer. A higher quality mineral water will have only one source. Beloka Water mineral water is 100% sourced from an unspoiled, natural spring located in the heart of the Kosciuszko National Park, near Dalgety in the Snowy Mountains. As the water flows through ancient rocks, small particles of mineral detach, creating mineral water. Because each mineral water’s route is slightly different, each contains a unique blend of minerals. This means that each has a distinctive taste.

Does mineral water have any advantages over seltzer-water?

Although water choice ultimately comes down to personal taste. Premium sparkling mineral water is often the preferred option when water is to be drunk without mixers or additions. It has more flavour than an artificially carbonated option, as well as providing a range of useful minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and silica. Mineral sparkling water is usually sold in conveniently sized bottles; this ensures the sparkles are retained until the product is ready to be drunk. An excellent choice for conferences, meetings and business use, mineral water is also a good option in restaurants, fitness facilities or any location where customers prefer premium water to drink. In comparison, soda water (or seltzer) can be a good option to use as a mixer for longer alcoholic beverages. It can also be used to dilute soft drinks at the same time as providing added palette interest. The lack of taste means that soda water doesn’t impact on the other flavours in the drink, which is why it’s an ideal mixer.

Beloka Water sparkling mineral water – a versatile option

Benefiting from perfect purity and proudly Australian, Beloka Water is infused with minerals from rocks which are millions of years old. Our water has a delicate, distinctive flavour due to the carbonate compounds found at its Snowy Mountains source. Although seltzer water has its place, when it comes to enjoying water as a beverage in its own right, sparkling mineral water is the preferred choice for a growing number of people.