Infused Water – A Weight Loss and Detox Must-Drink

jug water and fruit

Water has always been highly regarded for the health benefits it provides. In fact people who are looking to shed unwanted pounds or to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle are encouraged to drink more water daily.

However, despite the many benefits of drinking plenty of water every day like maintaining healthy fluid balance in the body, helping the kidneys function better, to making the skin look smooth and supple, drinking plain old H2O can and will get boring over time.

The good news is that there is an alternative to that boring glass of ice cold water that’s not only equally refreshing but is also packed with nutrients, brimming with flavour, and has zero calories! What is it you say? It’s infused water.

Sometimes called detox water, fruit flavoured water, or sassy water, infused water is straight up any combination of fruits, vegetables, and herbs immersed in cold water. This seemingly bejeweled concoction not only looks good but is highly beneficial for the body.

It is packed with all the goodness of fruits and veggies flavour-wise and nutrient-wise without the added sugar and preservatives present in other store-bought drinks like soda, flavoured water, and even vitamin water.

Infused water helps its drinkers get more nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, into their diet.

Moreover, the active compounds present in fruit help speed up metabolism meaning drinkers get to burn more calories throughout the day. This is especially true for lemon-infused water since the fruit is known for its fat loss and metabolism boosting effects.

People who have digestive problems will also benefit from water infused with ginger, lemon, papaya, oranges, or apples. Meanwhile, citrus fruits help support digestive function and can settle an upset tummy.

Finally, infused water is perfect for athletes, fitness buffs, and people living an active lifestyle who want a healthier and tastier alternative to store-bought drinks thanks to its high-vitamin content.

If you’re looking for the perfect thirst-quencher with the added benefit of being rich in vitamins and minerals while being flavourful then infused water is the right beverage for you! So drink up and enjoy this nourishing drink today!