Other Uses for Sparkling Water

sparkling water with slice

People who wish to be more adventurous in hydrating their bodies often turn to sparkling water.  Sometimes called club soda, soda water, sparkling water, seltzer water, or fizzy water, this beverage is made by dissolving pressurised carbon dioxide gas into water. This process of carbonation gives it a unique effervescence that Australians and people from other parts of the world including US, Europe, and Asia love and enjoy.

It is considered a more refreshing alternative to still water and a healthier option than soda and other artificially sweetened drinks.

However, apart from keeping the body hydrated, sparkling water also has other interesting uses.

  1. It can help with indigestion. A study published in the “European Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology” back in 2002 explained that carbonated water can be an alternative to antacids to an upset stomach.
  2. It can make your pancakes and waffles fluffier. According to Readers Digest, you can substitute club soda for the liquids called for in the recipes. The fizz in sparkling water adds much needed air to keep your breakfast favourites light and fluffy. If you prefer eggs for your morning meals, you can add soda water into your scrambled eggs and you’ll end up with a lighter and airier feast.
  3. Boil vegetables in sparkling water to keep them crunchy and retain their vibrant colour. Famous French chef, Thiery Marx, came up with this idea as an alternative to plain old salted water and the results we’re délicieux!
  4. Shuck oysters easier with seltzer water. Yet another awesome use for bubbly water in the kitchen, simply soak your oysters into this fizzy drink before shucking and they’ll be much easier to open.
  5. It is an awesome alternative to plain water when traveling abroad. If you’re going to a place where contamination is common, you might want to grab a few bottles of sparkling water. According to a travellers’ guide in The New York Times, soda water is not only great for drinking but also for brushing your teeth since the carbonation increases acid levels in the mouth which kills bacteria.