Water as the Best Anti-Aging Skin Regimen

woman drinking water from glass
If you want younger-looking skin, don’t go to the beauty store, go to the fridge! While your $100 creams and serums can work wonders for the skin, nothing still quite compares to the hydration and nourishment brought about by drinking enough water every day.

The skin is actually one of the first indicators of dehydration. Without sufficient water, the skin may become dry, flaky, and less elastic. Moreover, dry skin is actually more prone to wrinkling and is less resilient. Dehydration also robs the skin of collagen making it look dull and less plump.

Simply put, water is essential to maintaining skin moisture, more so than any topical lotion you can buy at the drug store. This is because much like any other cell in the body, water is essential for skin cells to function well. Moreover, water also serves as a vehicle to deliver essential nutrients to these cells.

Apart from keeping the skin soft and supple, water is also plays an important role in flushing out toxins from and waste out of the body. Without enough water intake, the body is prone to constipation, acne, and even urinary tract infections.

While the recommended daily water intake is six to eight glasses or 64 ounces, it is still important to adjust this depending on the environment you are in. If you’re in a place with hot climate, you might need to drink more to make up for the lost fluids when you sweat.

Other than actually drinking water, you can keep your body hydrated to fight ageing is to eat plenty of water-rich food. This includes fruits like apples and melons as well as vegetables like cucumbers. You can also try fresh juice or tea. Alternatively, you can also spruce up plain old H2O by infusing it with fruits and herbs.