Beloka Water’s new 330ml bottles: Perfect for millennials and retailers

As readers of this blog may remember, Beloka Water introduced 330ml glass bottles to its array of products back in September 2018. Available in still and sparkling varieties, these bottles are much more compact than our 500ml and 750ml offerings and represent an amazingly convenient option for people on the go or those with limited storage space. Whether you’re looking to fit your water bottle in a small bag, a mini-fridge or even your back pocket, these products are fantastic for those who are looking to stay hydrated but are not so thirsty that they need a full 500ml bottle of water.

Of course, this is not to say that our smaller bottles are in any way superior to our larger offerings. Rather, they offer a different drinking experience and cater to people with specific needs.


Smaller bottles have become a popular trend

Since we introduced our 330ml products, we have become increasingly aware that reducing water bottles from 500ml to 330ml has become a major trend in the retail sector. In many ways, this reflects a changing hospitality landscape, with many pubs and bars welcoming new consumer demographics with different needs and desires.

The 330ml glass water bottle is particularly suited to millennials. As well as looking super chic on Instagram, glass is environmentally-friendly. This means it works for those seeking an eco-conscious lifestyle, many of whom fit into the younger millennial generation.

Retailers are also starting to favour glass packaging as they are being presented with an increasingly wide array of purchase options. Although glass producers have traditionally demanded high order volumes, this is starting to change. The packaging sector is experiencing a trend for lower order volumes as companies grow increasingly short of space and often seek last-minute solutions.

Why do millennials love glass so much?

Glass bottles have long been used by retailers to hold water, soft drinks, beer, and other beverages, and it is easy to see why. As well as being incredibly robust and strong, glass is transparent, recyclable and made from natural materials. Transparent materials are great for holding consumables as customers know what they are getting from a product. It is no surprise that retailers use glass to show that they are trustworthy and to show off their delicious products.

Although many retailers started to switch to plastic packaging for their beverages a few decades ago, this trend is starting to reverse as people wake up to the environmental impact of single-use plastic. Many millennials are committed to improving the world as they become increasingly aware of the ways in which their individual lifestyle decisions can affect the world around them. Glass, then, is becoming increasingly popular as a beverage receptacle as it can be easily recycled. Although plastic bottles can strictly speaking be taken away for recycling, very few retailers actually use recycled plastic in their products and it is generally more difficult to recycle compared to glass.

As well as addressing ethical concerns, glass packaging is thought to look more appealing than alternative material. Indeed, it exudes a certain sense of class and helps millennials to feel that they are keeping up with current trends.

Millennials are increasingly opting for teetotal lifestyles

Another reason that millennials love smaller glass bottles is that a rising number of them are turning to alcohol-free lifestyles. As the dangers of alcohol become increasingly clear and young people search for new ways to unwind, the number of people looking for chic-looking alcohol-free alternatives has risen dramatically.

Of course, most millennials are still keen to share good times with their friends and are keen to get out into clubs and bars. This means that they want to purchase drinks that are delicious, healthy, and will not look out of place on their Instagram profiles. Glass bottles serve this purpose perfectly as they look stylish and timeless.

Glass is also a good option for teetotal millennials who are going out with a group of friends who drink alcohol. This is because alcoholic drinks such as beer or cider are often served in a glass bottle. Drinking a non-alcoholic alternative from a glass bottle, therefore, will help someone to feel part of the group whilst sticking to their principles.

Although millennials are often portrayed as staunch non-conformists, this is not the case. Many feel that they want to make a difference to the world in a quiet and low-key manner. Glass bottles, then, fit into this desire perfectly. As well as allowing them to embrace environmental and ethical principles, glass bottles allow them to go out with friends to bars and pubs without having to make a big deal of their teetotal lifestyles.

Check out Beloka Water’s 330ml water bottles today

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at Beloka Water’s premium range of 330ml bottles. They come in boxes of 24 and are available in both still and sparkling varieties.