Beloka Water to compete in the 2019 Water Tasting Competition in Stockholm

When it comes to premium mineral water, there’s no such thing as “just water”. Each mineral water has a unique, distinctive taste, acquired due to the unique geography of its source and the journey it took to get there. In the same way as the taste of wine is defined in large part by the soil, climate and geology of the grapes’ location, the flavour of a mineral water is also largely due to the rocks and minerals through which it passes on its journey, as well as the source of the water. The unique terroir of a mineral water results in the creation of a beverage which has a distinctive taste that sets it apart from its peers. Obviously, some tastes are superior to others: what better way to determine the mineral water which has the most exquisite taste than through a competition?

The 2019 FineWaters Water Tasting Competition

Held in a different location each year, the Water Tasting Competition is run by FineWaters, an organisation which is dedicated to educating the media, the public and the hospitality industry on the variety and quality of mineral waters currently on the market. In their words, “water is not just water”. The FineWaters International Water Tasting Competition TASTE & DESIGN AWARDS 2019 will be held in Stockholm, Sweden. It is an opportunity for industry leaders in the mineral water arena to pit their waters against each other, under the scrutiny of an international panel of experienced water sommeliers and experts in their field.

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What criteria are used to judge a winning water?

While it can be argued that every water has merit based on its flavour, there are some criteria which can be used to determine the quality of the product and the value of its taste. When it comes to a water tasting competition, waters compete against others of the same type, so that a fair comparison can be made. Pollution levels, mineral content and degree of effervescence are all taken into consideration. Attention is also paid to the way in which the taste of each water interacts with a variety of foodstuffs: as water is the beverage of choice for a large number of gourmands, it’s crucial that the flavour works well with different dishes.

Beloka Water will be taking part!

Beloka has already been lucky enough to enjoy considerable success in previous FineWaters tasting competitions, winning awards at the 2017 competition in Guangzhou, China. This year will be a great opportunity to showcase our still and sparkling mineral water at this prestigious, international event. Our water is millennia old, filtered through the ancient rocks of the Kosciuszko National Park. Benefiting from exceptional purity and an enviable mineral content, it is carefully bottled at source to retain as much flavour and freshness as possible.

Showcasing Beloka Water in the international arena

The unique, special geology of this part of Australia is what’s responsible for Beloka’s taste. We are a proudly Australian company that’s delighted by the opportunity to showcase a 100% authentic, natural product from our country at an international gathering. We know that the competition will be tough, but value the chance to test the quality of our water against the best that’s available from across the globe. Both our still water and our gently sparkling water will be entered in the appropriate class.

Perfect accompaniment to food or as a stand-alone beverage

We believe that Beloka Water is among the finest you’ll find anywhere. Not only is its source impeccable, it is also captured with care in glass bottles to preserve the flavour. Ideal for serving with food, Beloka’s unique taste works well with a wide range of dishes. The water of choice for conference centres, hotels, restaurants and private customers, Beloka offers an exceptional drinking experience.

We are looking forward to the Stockholm water tasting competition in April. As one of the world’s most prestigious fine water events, it’s our opportunity to put Australia firmly on the premium mineral water map with Beloka’s entries. Wish us luck as we prepare for the event!