Does Herbal Tea Hydrate As Effectively As Water?

herbal tea

When it comes to hydration, the first thing that comes to mind is water. A simple glass of water not only helps relieve thirst but also rejuvenates our cells from within.

For some people however, drinking just water can become boring overtime. As refreshing as a glass of water can be, there are times when another option seems like a better idea.

The good news is that a study from La Trobe University in Victoria, Australia revealed that fluids from other food can help hydrate the body just like your regular water.

“We should be telling people that beverages like tea and coffee contribute to a person’s fluid needs and, despite their caffeine content, do not lead to dehydration,” explains Dr. Spero Tsindos in a statement.

There is a long-standing notion beverages with caffeine can dehydrate the body mostly due to their diuretic properties. But this has already been debunked. Recent studies have shown that the diuretic effect of these drinks does not offset hydration.

What’s more, herbal teas are packed with flavours and aroma making them a flavourful alternative to water. More importantly, these infusions are packed with antioxidants and even vitamins that are good for you.

You can try different infusions for your herbal tea like peppermint, persimmon, blueberry leaves, afalfa, rose hips, and even nettle tea. Each one offers different and enjoyable flavour profiles and healthful benefits.

What are you waiting for? Fire up that stove and kettle for a nice cup of herbal tea and keep your body hydrated!