Ten reasons why you should drink Beloka Water

Most people are aware of the health benefits associated with drinking a sufficient amount of water, but not all waters are created equal!

When you opt for Beloka Water, you are drinking natural mineral water which has made a long journey through ancient rocks in one of the most beautiful, unspoiled areas of Australia. Containing a unique blend of minerals to provide a distinct flavour, here are ten reasons why your next bottled water choice should be Beloka Water:

1. Proudly Australian

Our water is 100% Australian, bottled at source near the remote Kosciuszko National Park. Pure and natural, Beloka Water is a premium Oz product.

2. All natural

We use absolutely no artificial flavours, preservatives or additives in our water. The refreshing, distinctive taste of Beloka Water comes from the naturally occurring minerals found near the Kosciuszko National Park geology. As the water flows through the rocks, small particles of calcium, bicarb, silica and other naturally-occurring elements detach from the rocks and give our water its unique mineral profile.

3. Exceptional purity

Because of the location of our spring, Beloka Water has the advantage of an exceptional level of purity. The water is sourced near the National Park, so it has had no opportunity to absorb contaminants. We bottle at source, so when you open a bottle of Beloka Water, you are about to sip natural water of impeccable origins.

4. We use glass bottles

Glass is one of the few materials which doesn’t leach chemicals into the product it comes in contact with. Made from liquid sand, glass is a natural substance that is ideal for containing our beautiful Beloka Water. That’s why you won’t find our water in plastic bottles – fully recyclable, we believe glass bottles are the best way to preserve the purity and taste of Beloka Water.

beloka water family of waters

5. Chemical free!

Many waters and other beverages contain some form of chemical additive or preservative. Our water is the exception. Every bottle of still Beloka Water contains simply water, nothing added or taken away. When it comes to our sparkling water, we just add carbon dioxide to provide effervescence. That’s it.

6. Beloka Water has a taste which wins prizes!

It’s not only us who say that you would have a tough job finding a mineral water with a better taste than Beloka Water. We have been privileged enough to win several awards at major events, including success at the 2017 Fine Waters international water tasting competition in Guangzhou, China.

7. Natural hydration; superior absorption

Every compound found in water can affect the rate at which the body absorbs it! Water with a larger number of additives or impurities may not be as effectively taken up by the body, as the chemicals inhibit the absorption process. This is not the case with Beloka Water: the brand’s high level of purity makes absorption rapid so that a high level of natural hydration is achieved.

8. Certified “superior”

We were delighted to discover that it’s not just us who believe that Beloka Water is the best tasting mineral water around. Our water has been officially certified as “superior” by the Fine Waters of the World: well-respected water sommeliers with international expertise in their field have tasted Beloka Water and found that it was worthy of the exclusive accolade.

9. Beloka Water is kind to the planet

Our team is committed to protecting our beautiful area of Australia from the degradation of modern life. We bottle and distribute our water in an environmentally responsible way. From our use of recyclable glass in our bottles through to local sourcing and more, we do everything we can to make our business as green as possible.

10. We take cleanliness seriously!

Every effort is made to ensure that our bottling process is completely sterile, in order to ensure that the water you receive is in its uncontaminated natural state. Our high quality and meticulously clean bottling facilities mean that when our water reaches you, it tastes as good as it did when it first bubbled out of our spring.


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