martini drink

Good Ol’ MartiniS– With a Splash of Sparkling

  Posh, luxurious and very elegant; Martini is a classic! For a healthy happy hour, twist the good ol’ Martini with a splash of sparking water. Spike the concoction with fresh produce and herbs, and add a dash of ‘garnish’ glamor. Result: a good looking brew of everything Purdy! A few recipes to get you...
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A Sparkling Twist To Healthy Juices

  Fizzy, fresh and very easy—we have a few awesomely twisted recipes to share today. Besides being juicy, these delish pop of healthy concoctions are a refreshing break from the usual stuff. Here is how you stir most of them: Green grape sparkler This bubbly juice is a squeeze of fresh green grapes, laced with...
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